Landscape opportunity and ecosystem service mapping in the South West Peak

Natural Capital Solutions were commissioned by the South West Peak Landscape Partnership (SWPLP) and the Peak District National Park to deliver an assessment of current and potential habitat opportunity and ecosystem services provision in the South West Peak.

Mapping – The Landscape Opportunity mapping for biodiversity enhancement produced maps of landscape permeability, habitat networks, constraints to habitat creation, and habitat opportunity for five key habitats (heathland, mire, semi-natural grassland, wet grassland and woodland). Mapping opportunities for surface water attenuation focused on floodplain woodland and riparian attenuation features. Seven ecosystem services flows (carbon storage, water flow, water quality, agricultural production, tranquility, accessible nature and green travel) thought to be highly relevant to the natural capital assets of the SWP region were then modelled using the EcoServe GIS toolkit and bespoke models.

Informing decision-making – Overall the opportunity mapping approach identified areas of the SWP that could deliver multiple benefits across conservation and flood alleviation issues. The resultant maps of hotspots and coldspots of ecosystem service provision are at a resolution that allows the examination of the trade-offs and synergies in the provision of multiple ecosystem services across small distances.

SWP case study_final copy



Download the 2-page summary.

Full report: Landscape opportunity and ES mapping in SWP.