About us

Why Natural Capital Solutions?

Making the transition towards understanding the potential of natural capital is not always easy. There are multiple definitions of the concepts involved, there are a number of different approaches and tools available to measure ecosystem services that are not all appropriate for every organisation and circumstance, and how such information can then be used for decision-making about the long term management of land or impacts is not straight forward. This is where Natural Capital Solutions can help.

Through research and consulting we offer advice, technical support and training to organisations across sectors so that they can understand, assess and make strategic decisions about their natural capital assets. See our Services.

Who we are:

Alison Holt BSc MSc PhD is a Director of Natural Capital Solutions. She is an experienced research scientist with expertise in biodiversity and ecosystem services gained from an academic career spanning 17 years. She has worked as an academic and a consultant developing frameworks for applying the ecosystem services concept in agricultural and marine systems, with a particular interest in how it can inform decision-making for land and water management at catchment scales. She has also worked on modelling and mapping ecosystem services and biodiversity in urban ecosystems, and alternative ways of capturing the cultural values associated with natural capital. Alison has a range of interdisciplinary skills, particularly in statistical, social network, stakeholder analyses and GIS mapping. She has presented lectures, organised and run workshops and conferences to exchange knowledge between a range of audiences from academic, policy, business and industry sectors. She is passionate about delivering sound scientific advice that is of practical use on the ground. Alison is a Visiting Researcher in the Animal and Plant Sciences department at The University of Sheffield.

Jim Rouquette BSc MSc PhD is a Director of Natural Capital Solutions. He is an experienced research ecologist and environmental scientist having spent 16 years working in academia and as a consultant. His work aims to operationalise the ecosystem services approach, and he has developed the use of ecosystem services assessments for flood and coastal erosion risk management and biodiversity conservation, collaborating extensively with practitioners and local councils. Jim has also played a key role in a series of large interdisciplinary research projects examining ecosystem services, biodiversity and multi-functional land and water management. He has a range of interdisciplinary skills from modelling and mapping ecosystem services and biodiversity, multi-criteria analysis approaches, to using participatory techniques to understand human preferences and values of biodiversity. He has extensive project management experience and has managed teams of researchers, students and staff.

Natural Capital Solutions Associates: Well done natural capital approaches will always require collaboration, interdisciplinary science and expertise. We have a large network of associates with a wide range of expertise, e.g. hydrological and systems modelling, economics, computer programming and optimisation, on which we will draw to deliver the right range of skills that meet the specific requirements of any project.

Collaborations with consultancies: We also team up with other environmental consultancies to deliver a wide range of services.


Wildscapes is a consultancy that provides services in ecology (from extended phase one habitat survey and NVC to management plan creation) and land management (tree planting, footpath construction, moorland conservation), across all sectors from individuals to multinational companies. See their website for more details.